Vladimir Kagan Style Chairs by Directional U.S.A

Gorgeous Art Deco inspired Club by Kagan for Directional. We have restored this pair with a luxurious Catherine Martin vintage velvet from the Gatsby Range. In a colour palette of burnished gold, smoky black and cream florals.

Catherine Martin and husband Baz Luhrmann the Director of the 2013 'The Great Gatsby' have explored and brought to life through film, set design and textiles a time of elegance, idealism and the decadence which was the 'Roaring Twenties' or also known as the 'Jazz Age'.

Inspired by 'The Great Gatsby' and the tale of chasing the 'American Dream'! We bring you a slice of  American, Mid Century design with a modern edge.

With all there good looks and glamour aside they are ridiculously comfortable and the perfect fireside chairs.


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