Pair of Italain Dino Gavina 'SIMONE' Arm Chairs 1971

Dino Gavina one of the Founding Fathers of Italian Design. The 'SIMONE' set is one of the first lacquered design pieces produced by Studio SIMONE. After years of research into producing a product similar to Chinese Lacquer that tradionally is applied by hand, to one that could be applied industrially and have long lasting quality's.

Dino Gavina was one of the most influential figures in the world of Industrial Design and his career spanned more than 50 years.

We have thoughtfully restored and reupholstered the cushions in a newly released international textile by Soffany UK. In keeping with its heritage we chose this textile for its reminiscent 1970's colour palette and design but with a modern contemporary edge, that almost references fabrics from another Italian fashion house legacy FENDI and clean cut velvet standing out from it low sating background, definitely a fabric you need to see and touch . Low and deep seated with a mirror finish lacquer these are chic and sophisticated.