Swag Design is an emerging studio that can offer you a full range of Interior Design Services. What is unique about us is the ability to source some of the most influential mid-century designer pieces crafted from the 1950’s to 1980’s in America. The beauty of mid-century furniture and art is that it can sit comfortably in any interior and there is nothing more satisfying than being able to enjoy the luxury of your carefully invested pieces as they appreciate over time.

We specialise in providing thoughtful and considered interior design solutions. We will not compel our style on you – our job is to uncover a look and feel that is all yours. Your input is as important as our expertise; our success is measured by your satisfaction and the partnership we create.
Jodi Newnham is the Managing Director and Founder of Swag Design. Jodi has an extensive background in art, fashion and sales management. This experience coupled with a long time love for mid-century modern interiors and architecture is what puts the “Swag” into Swag Design.

“My passion lies in taking a blank space like a canvas and layering it with texture, colour shape and form. Like a piece of art I want you to be able to feel, explore and admire and ultimately enjoy your new found space”.

So whether you need help with a new build project, a minor renovation, decorating dilemmas or just looking to invest in some unique, inspiring, mid-century pieces, we’d love to help.

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