Feliciano Bejar Magiscopios Table Sculptures

Feliciano Bejar Ruiz, 1920-2007 was a Mexican artist and artisan, best known for a style of sculpture called 'Magiscopios' which involved various material along with crystals and/or lenses to play with light or create distorted visions. His art career began in New York, where he travelled and lived for a time in Hells Kitchen.

The magiscopes arose from an intense interest in light and the sun, which began when he saw a boy in Italy playing with reflections of the sun in puddles. Images of the sun appeared in his painting and sculpture, developing into the use of crystals and lenses. In his later life, Béjar withdrew from the art world for about sixteen years, disillusioned with it and retreating to his ranch in the State of Mexico. He returned in 1998, with a retrospective of his work in Mexico City and continued to show his work until shortly before his death.

Sold as a set of 5, all signed and dated by the artist

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